Why I Love my Mum

I Love My Mum Because ..

1- No matter how much we argue, how much she scolds me, how much we fight. but at the end , she'll always be there for me.

2- When i needed someone to talk to she's always there.

3- No matter how many girls lie and cheat on me she's the only woman that's truly here for me.

4- I know she's the one person that will never walk out of my life.

5- She's never lied to me and I know she never will.

6- She loves me even when i'm not sure i love myself. Also, she believes in me more than I do sometimes.

7- That's the one female that went through 9 months of pain for me.

8- She has taught me everything I know about happiness.

9- She simply never gave up on me or tossed me away when it seemed like everyone else did.

10- She is the one who supports me when no one else will.

11- She's my mother. Without her I'm not here. I maybe a bratty but she's willing to understand and forgive me over and over

12- She's the reason why I exist.

13- She means the world to me, she my everything.

14- She's honest with me and respects me enough to tell me the truth.

15- I know she will love me forever, no matter what mistakes I do.

16- As much stupid stuff that I have done to make a regular person hate me, she has never stopped loving me.

17- Of all the work she did to make my life feel like a vacation.

18- She's the best,my bestfriend and my role model.

19- She's my nurse, my chauffeur, my chef, my teacher, my everything.

20- You are probably the only woman who can put up with my craziness.